All businesses in Guyana must comply with the Income and Property Tax Act, Corporation Tax Act, Value Added Tax Act and National Insurance Scheme Act among other legislations. We ensure our clients are compliant with these statutes and assist them in managing timely submissions to the tax authorities. Over the years we have developed an unmatched reputation for stellar client representation with the Guyana Revenue Authority.

Our services include:

Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA)

  • Evaluate your profit and loss account and provide advice on tax status
  • Preparation and submission of individual and company income tax returns
  • Preparation and submission of individual and company property tax returns
  • Full or partial preparation and submission of pay as you earn (P.A.Y.E) remittance schedule
  • Computation of quarterly taxes payables
  • Remittance of all tax installments on a timely basis
  • Manage tax audits
  • Client representation for tax audits

Value Added Tax (VAT) Returns

  • Full or partial VAT preparation and submission
  • Manage VAT audits
  • Client representation for VAT audits and refunds claims

National Insurance Scheme (NIS)

  • Partial or full preparation and submission of remittance schedule for NIS contribution
  • Manage NIS audits
  • Client representation for NIS audits

Tax Registrations

We facilitate the registration of individual and company Tax Payer Identification Number (TIN) and VAT with the Guyana Revenue Authority and National Insurance Scheme (NIS).